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  1. Lesson 1 - How to Play Scales in One Key and Then in Many Keys
  2. Lesson 2 - Understanding Your Instrument
  3. Lesson 3 - How to Read Music
  4. Lesson 4 - Learn a Simple Tune
  5. Lesson 5 - Basic Chording

This instructional area is a work in progress. At this point only Lesson 1 is ready and I'm working on Lesson 2.

If you have other topics you'd like covered, let me know. And please be patient with me. I always learn better when I try to pass on what I know so I am using this as my own learning tool, too.

These lessons will start out very basic. Hopefully we can get some advanced players to contribute to these lessons. Maybe you are an instructor who has given a workshop and has written out the class narrative the way you instructed it. If you would be willing to share the "lesson" I'd gladly give you credit.

Lesson 3 is a link to a site called "Introduction to Reading Music." As soon as possible, I plan to replace the link with my own basic music theory lesson, but this site appears to do a good job explaining the basics.

Often people say, "I don't read music." In fact, some folks seem to enjoy being music illiterate, but why? Learning to read music is not hard, and if you have a basic understanding, it will make learning to play your dulcimer much easier. No, it isn't necessary to go into music theory in great depth, but you should at least know enough about reading music to understand note values, key signatues, time signatures and basic symbols (like rests and repeats) that are used in music. I've been asked if there is a "notation system" for the hammered dulcimer like there is for guitar and mountain dulcimer. I've never seen one that works better than music theory. And, in the time it takes to learn a "notation system," you could learn music theory basics.

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