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Hammered Dulcimers

I'm excited to be selling hammered dulcimers. Contact me about prices. (Just scroll down the page to the "Request Prices" button.) If you get a price from some other dealer that is lower than my price, contact me. I'll certainly try to match or beat any other offers.

I carry these hammered dulcimers and dulcimer related items:

  • Rick Thum "Professional" model - a full sounding, newly designed, 17/17 instrument.
  • Case for either the Professional (Note these now come only in Grey.)
  • Jake's Cabin Dulcimer "Meadowlark" model - a smaller and lighter (13/12) (Tuning Chart)
  • Jake's Cabin Duulcimer "Wren" model - an awesome very portable instrument with a Honduran Mahogany sound board (same size as Meadowlark) (Tuning Chart)
  • Jake's Cabin Dulcimer "Traveler" - same size as the Meadowlark but a 14/13!!! Comes in either solid Honduran Mahogany or birch plywood.
  • Below are some photos I took of my Traveler with the Honduran Mahogany top. (The other instruments that are this size, look basically the same. Unless someone pointed out the differences or played them, you wouldn't notice. The birch plywood top is a lighter color. The Wren and Meadowlark have fewer strings, but they all fit in the same case, and are just as lovely.)


    (The sunset photo that I took out the back of our Florida condo somehow got stored in the same slideshow. Please ignore or enjoy it.)


  • Case for the Meadowlark, Wren or Traveler
  • Unfinished Stands *, hammers, tuning wrenches
  • 12/11 Hammered Dulcimer Kit - for do-it-yourselfers

Here's a pdf so you can compare ranges of the Meadowlark/Wren and Traveler: INSTRUMENT COMPARISON CHART

The above chart shows the Meadowlark, Wren, and Traveler. I've prepared a second chart showing just the 17/17 models.

Three choices of 17/17 layouts

With either the Professional or Lightweight, you can select from three different string arrangements. (The difference is on the first two strings on the rightmost bridge.) If, after selecting your string arrangement, you wish you'd selected another arrangement, all you need to do is change those two strings. You'll also have your choice of walnut or cherry for the frame.

Hammered Dulcimer Stands (unfinished

Rick's unfinished stands come in either seated or standing playing heights. Just a warning, never open it with any pressure! It should open really easy. If there is resistence, you are doing it wrong.

It'll arrive folded up. Hold the folded stand it in an up and down position - closed. Now pull the two shorter legs toward to you until you reach the end of the nylon tape. Do this before you spead the legs out at all (the pivot point makes it look like a pair of scissors). There won't be any pressure on the hinge if you do it correctly. If you try spreading the legs at the hinge before you pull the short legs forward, it'll crack the wood at the hinge.

So if you feel resistence and you're having to pull hard.. STOP! Pull the short legs toward you to the end of the tape BEFORE you go any further.

This is the way all scissors stands work, not just Rick's.

Shipping Your Purchase

If you decide to buy from me, it's likely that your instrument will be crafted "for you". Usually shipping (especially on the small instruments) is just a day or two. The Professional and Lightweights might take longer since they must be built specifically to your specifications. All of the instruments I sell include a tuning chart, hammers, and a tuning wrench.

Please see "Paying for the Purchase" which covers all of the payment details.

I have found three features of my Rick Thum Professional that are unique and desirable:

1. Colored tuning pins: The pins for the bass bridge are chrome colored, while the bass bridge pins are black (actually the technical term is "blued"). I couldn't believe but the tuning goes twice as fast with this little hint.

2. The use of TWO tuning pins instead of a tuning pin only on the right side, and a hitch pin on the left. With two tuning pins, tweaking the string is really easy. You tune from the right (or left, if you're left handed) and then tweak from the opposite pin to get it "right on". The two tuning pins really make it easy!!!

3. A handly "handle" which is discreetly cut into the bottom makes it much easier to move the instrument around.

I have a feeling, other builders will follow Rick's example with these relatively simple, yet unique improvements.

Please explain which models are of greatest interest and I'll try to give you some extra information. (If the mailer fails with your browser, please email me at sales@dulcimers.biz.) I try to answer all emails within a 24-hour period. If you don't get my response, it could be that your internet provider is blocking my messages and is treating my response as spam. Let me know and I'll send from another address. Or you can call me. I'm generally available at 989-781-0849.

paypal.gif - 1203 Bytes

If it would help you to use Paypal with a credit card, or Paypal from your bank account, it can be worked out. Contact me and we'll work out payment.


We aim for satisfaction.




As you know, I picked up my Professional Dulcimer at the Rick Thum factory in Missouri. The folks there showed me around and explained how the instruments are built. Such attention to detail! By the time I got back to Florida, I couldn't wait to play it. I had been playing a 12/11 that was about 15 years old from another manufacturer. This is far superior in quality and sound. My experience in communicating and working with you has been all positive. I've met no other business person who was as prompt as you in answering my various communications. It has been a pleasure purchasing my dulcimer through you. Perhaps we'll meet someday, somewhere.

(signed) Rich S
The Villages, FL



Hi Sharon,

Just wanted to let you know I absolutely love my Traveler HD I received for Christmas. It's beautiful. I tinker with it every chance I get, trying to learn the notes, keys, scales. It truly is an amazing instrument, the way it is designed.

The Traveler is perfect for me and I feel we instantly bonded (me and the HD, is that crazy?... I find myself sighing and smiling every time I pass through the living room and see it).

Just wanted you to know you had a very happy customer on Christmas morning.

(signed) Julie P
Texarkana, Texas



It has been a pleasure doing business with Sharon. The kit I ordered was delivered in a timely fashion from when I purchased it. The kit when put together makes a wonderful beginner level instrument. The instructions are very well written and easy to follow. The plans did have a bit size error for the hitch pins. Sharon was quick to forward the information to Rick so he could correct the error. The completed instrument holds it tuning well and has a very crisp and bright sound.

(signed) Daryl H.
Wichita Falls, TX
(Daryl finished the instrument in less than 3 weeks!)



I love my new dulcimer!

I was hesitant to buy an instrument over the internet, but you, Sharon, were very helpful. You helped me choose the correct instrument for my needs and saw that my order was processed without any problems.

It's beautiful. The wood is so pretty. Can't wait to learn how to play it.

(signed) Madonna from Michigan




The instrument arrived today and I'm very excited. It arrived in great shape and is both beautiful to look at as well as play. Again, thank you for the excellent deal. I look forward to many years of fun with this.

(signed) Bev from Michigan's U.P.



Hello, the dulcimer just showed up and is beautiful! Great turnaround time and the sound is just lovely.

The craftmanship is superb and I can't wait to begin implementing it into our own music.

(signed) Rick P. from Olympia, WA




I receiver my hammered dulcimer today (Rick Thum's Meadowlark) and it looks and sounds great. It will make a great Christmas gift. Thanks for a wonderful transaction.

(signed) Ron M. from Santa Paula, CA



Hello Sharon,

Just wanted to let you know that my dulcimer arrived on Tuesday evening, not too long after I sent you my last mail. It is a beautiful looking piece and it sounds great...just need to get my electronic tuner to make sure it's right on. Thanks again for all of your help :)

(signed) Tara J. from West Virginia



Hi Sharon

Just wanted to let you know that the dulcimer arrived yesterday (Wednesday) and I think I'm in love!! We spent all last night playing around with it, and I will be having a good time with it for a long time.

My husband played with it most of the evening - and really liked it - managed to pick out a couple of tunes. I could see him learning along with me. Anyway, thanks so much, I am very happy with my purchase, and I will see you at Evart - hopefully able to play a tune or two.

(signed) Nancy D.


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