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Free Classified Ads

One of the most popular features of this site has been the free "Classified Ads" area where you can sell or buy used instruments (hammered dulcimers, or other acoustic instruments) or other music related items (like dulcimer hammers, tuners, cases, etc.) There are also categories for folks who who are music instructors, folks who want to locate a specific item and those who want to sell their CDs.

Sadly, when the site was "open registration," I found that 99% of the ads submitted were for weight loss, male enhancement, and spam items. I have always approved all ads before they went "public." Inappropriate listings weren't allowed. Those junk ads only bothered me but they took so much of my time, that I found it necessary to revise the registration process.

I hope folks will realize that I still want to list your music items. But, instead of registering yourself, please send me a brief email mentioning your item and including your preferred user name and an easy to remember password. (There's a link at the bottom of this paragraph.) I'll respond as soon as possible so you can place your ad. It'll be the same price: FREE! (No one else will be able to access the information you send me. I promise!) After you submit your ad, it will still need my approval, so I'll still be able to weed out the spam.

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We're pleased to be part of the wonderful community of folks who love hammered dulcimers and the music they produce.     I don't want this to be a typical "sales" site. Even if you buy from another builder, I want you to feel this site was helpful. There's even the start of "Lessons" area.

I've been selling dulcimers for Rick Thum since 2004. In 2009 there was a major change in the ownership of the Rick Thum's dulcimer business. His company, "Rick Thum Dulcimers," had provided two sizes of instruments (several different models). Rick sold his "small instrument line" to a wood-worker friend, Jim Newman. Jim is now making the Meadowlarks, Wrens, Travelers and the "kits." These quality instruments carry the name "Jake's Cabin Dulcimers." Rick Thum still builds the Professional. Jim's smaller instruments will be built with the same attention todetail which was Rick's trademark.I now sell both Jim's and Rick's instruments.


Why there's a dulcimers.biz website

Over the years, I received a great number of inquiries from visitors to the dulcimers.com website asking questions about buying a hammered dulcimer.

I didn't start dulcimers.com with the intention of selling anything. In fact, when the opportunity was presented for me to become a distributor for Rick Thum, I decided it was important to leave dulcimers.com commercial-free. (It's my gift to the dulcimer community.) Rather than put any advertising on dulcimers.com, I started this website: dulcimers.biz.

It's more important that you get the right instrument than it is for me to sell one. There have been times when I've recommended other builders or suggested that someone go to another website, if I feel some other instrument would better fit the needs of the person who is inquiring. That's not the way to make sales, but it is the way I do business. Afterall, everyone says the music community is a large family. If you get an instrument, we'll be "related."


Have questions? Need help?

If you are interested in buying a dulcimer (from dulcimers.biz), but feel better speaking to a "real" person, you can reach me at 989-781-0849 (or 813-727-0007). (Both phone numbers forward to us no matter where we are.) I try not to neglect my "dulcimer" business. As a customer, or just visitor to my site, you're my guest, so you're my priority.





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